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Mako-Drew s.c.
Maria Kozak, Ryszard Machnik
ul. Wałowa 36E
39-310 Radomyśl Wielki
Poland | województwo podkarpackie
powiat mielecki

Tel/Fax: +48 14 682 17 16
Tel.Kom.: +48 604 754 210


MAKO-DREW s.c. was founded in 2001 by Jerzy Kozak and Ryszard Machnik.

Within a few years, with reliability and quality of its products, the company has gained a number of business partners, including foreign ones.

The company is also a major partner for multinational companies operating at SSE MIELEC.
Since 2007, the company has changed its place of business into a much larger and more modern one, located in Radomyśl Wielki (Mielec County, Podkarpacie Province).

Over the next years, improvement of production and a number of certificates (IPPC, CE, CP) has enabled the company to achieve a distinctive position in the wood industry, specializing mainly in the manufacturing of industrial, non-standard, phytosanitary (IPPC fumigated) pallets as well as in the manufacturing of structural timber (according to the new CE standards).